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Stitchers' Last Stand
The last needlework floorstand you will ever need!

Enjoy stitching again - put your feet up and be comfortable!

Easy to use and lightweight.
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Paint Colors
closely match these DMC
Embroidery Floss colors:
#310 Black
#334 Dusty Blue
#814 Burgundy
#890 Hunter Green

Some sizes & colors not available
- Lightweight alloy frame
- Strong and stable
- Frees both hands to stitch
- Fits over any chair (recliners!!), sofa or rocking chair
- Widths available in 36"/38"/42" in most colors
- 24" Alaskan Birch Wood Scroll with 20" nylon strips, & 12" spreaders are included
- Scroll bars available in 12"/24"/36" and 12" spreaders as accessories
- Adjustable to four heights
- All tools for assembly are included
- Painted using enamel paint for metal
NOTE: The legs may not fit under all sleeper sofas or recliners in sectionals.  If a yardstick, held on it's edge, can move freely under the sofa, etc., the legs should fit.  About 1 and 1/2" clearance is needed.
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Stitchers' Last Stand
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NOTE: If you are planning to use the
Floorstand while sitting in a recliner,
measure width of chair for proper size.
Choose 36”, 38” or 42”.
There needs to be at least 1 1/2" clearance under sofas - especially sofa beds and sectionals.
Please Note:  Q Snap frames will not fit on the Stand.  The wood scroll is made to fit the stand and most likely will not fit other needlework stands.  Nor will other scrolls fit this stand without your own modifications.
NOTE: You do any modifications at your own risk.  Stand cannot be returned if you attempted to modify it.
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We are selling all of our stock and will no longer sell the "Stitchers' Last Stand"

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